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What Is Backlink Cleanup?

Backlink cleanup is a vital tool in your SEO arsenal.

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A Vital Tool in Your SEO Arsenal

When search engines rank your pages, they use backlinks to determine their popularity and relevance. The more backlinks that a page has (and the higher the quality of the source of those links), the higher a page will rank, all other things held equal.

The problem, however, is that search engines like Google will punish you if they feel that your backlinks do not come from legitimate sources. Having lots of links can harm your SEO efforts, putting you on the back foot.

Backlink cleanup is the process of telling search engines that you do not accept particular links to your pages. While this might seem counterproductive, cleaning up “spammy” links can have a profound effect on your overall page rankings, boosting your position on the results page.

What Are The Benefits of BackLink Cleanup?

The benefits of backlink cleanup can be tremendous. We disavow links on your behalf, helping you improve your standing with search engines and increasing the perceived legitimacy of your web pages.

Do you need to disavow links after a penalty? Backlink cleanup can help you recover lost ground. It convinces Google and other search engines that you have a legitimate web page which offers their users considerable value.

Disavowing links gives you a fresh start, helping you to realise your SEO goals fully.

The way that search algorithms work is becoming more sophisticated over time. Google and other search engines are getting better at detecting illegitimate linking strategies.

Backlink cleanup can help you avoid penalties in the future if your current links do not meet search engine standards.

Google wants to ensure that its users only see valuable, relevant content. The search giant, therefore, continually updates its algorithms to evaluate the quality of links and whether they serve its audience.

Using our service to disavow problem links can protect you from slipping down the rankings when the next update hits. Having a squeaky clean link profile is essential.

Boosting organic results and visibility are vital to making your mark online. SEO methods are the best way to achieve them, with strategies such as —


More relevant content

Improved website designs

Use of pictures

Use of hyperlinks

And more!

Our Backlink Cleanup Process: How We Disavow Links

At Rise SEO we take backlink cleanup serious, implementing a multi-stage process to disavow links and help protect your website from ranking downgrades in the future. First, we collect all your backlink data, tracking the external pages that link to your own. If your website has a few links, we audit them manually. Otherwise, we use backlink cleanup software to automate the disavow links process.

We then identify the “bad” links to your site - the ones that are likely to negatively impact your Google ranking - and remove them. We do this in two ways. First, we contact the webmaster of the domain linking to yours asking them to remove the problem backlinks to your site. And, second, we file a disavow links report with Google, telling them that you do not recognise or accept backlinks from spurious sources.

Backlink cleanup can seem like an overwhelming process. But we help you disavow links, putting your website SEO strategy back on track.

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