What Is An SEO Website Audit?

An SEO website audit is a vital service which analyses the performance of your web pages to see whether they are achieving maximum search visibility. An SEO website audit will uncover the reasons your website isn’t performing as it might and help you find where you need to improve.

Website audits provide important clues for why you’re failing to generate traffic, or you aren’t converting. Reviews are, therefore, a kind of diagnostic tool you can use to identify problems before they undermine your online marketing efforts.

SEO Website Audit
Professional Website Audit

Why You Need A Professional Website Audit

At RiseSEO, we have more than twenty years of experience helping customers perform comprehensive website audits. Our website auditing service quickly uncovers design and SEO issues that are holding you back, giving you peace of mind. We’ve performed website audits for enterprises, non-profits and many other organisations, and we can help you too.

Free SEO website audit tools are popular, but they fail to go into sufficient depth to provide you with the insights you need. Meaningful change only comes from a professional website audit. Once you know where your site is going wrong, you can put in place a plan of action to improve it. RiseSEO’s on-page and off-page SEO services can supercharge your page ranking and boost your organic traffic.

How Does A Website Audit Help You?

A professional website audit can help you in a variety of ways. Take a look at the following:

Google and other search engines use site speed to determine the quality of your website. The faster it loads, the better the experience for their users.

Site speed, therefore, is essential. The snappier your pages, the longer people will stay on your site - another thing Google tracks as an indicator of page quality.

Customers want websites that react to their click in a flash. At RiseSEO, we work behind the scenes to ensure that your site is responsive and a joy to navigate.

Not all content is created equal. A website audit can show you whether the content on your site is helping you move towards your objectives or not.

By comparing your content to top-ranking results for similar keywords, you’ll be able to see where you’re falling short. Once you know where you’re going wrong, it’s easy to make improvements.

Broken links can harm your website ranking, but finding and eliminating them can be an administrative challenge. At RiseSEO, we do all the legwork for you as part of a website audit, finding problem links and eliminating them.

Is your URL structure intuitive? Or it is undermining your page performance? An SEO-focused website audit can help you determine whether you’re using an optimal URL structure that is helpful to your users.

Do you want to find out more about how you could benefit from an SEO audit? Then get in touch with RiseSEO today. We would love to help.