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Do you want to improve your PPC advertising with better Google AdWords management? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At RiseSEO, we help you get the most out of the Google ad management platform, managing and optimising your PPC campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

What is the first thing that you do when researching a product you want?

You type the product name into Google and click one of the results on the first page. You know what it is like to be a consumer and an internet user. You want relevant product information immediately, there and then.

More than nineteen out of twenty online purchase decisions begin in this way. Users type what they want to buy into a search bar and then click the links that appear in the results.

Making Google AdWords Profitable

Making Google AdWords Profitable

Google AdWords is a fabulous tool which provides you with the ability to fine-tune your PPC campaigns. AdWords, however, costs money. Each time a user clicks on a paid link, you pay Google a fee. If the keyword is competitive, you’ll pay more.

AdWords can be a highly effective way to attract customer and make a return if your conversion rate is high. If your conversion rate is low, however, you’ll make a loss.

RiseSEO’s Google AdWords management service manages your campaigns for you, optimising them and tracking results. We ensure that you only target prospective customers and avoid all the usual pitfalls associated with PPC. With us, you get a professional service that guarantees that you convert more of your hard-earned website traffic into genuine leads.

How Long Will It Take To See Results From Google AdWords Management?

It takes time to develop a successful PPC campaign. When can you expect to see results?

Bespoke content creation

After one week.

After a week, you’ll begin to see a higher volume of traffic reaching your site.

Bespoke content creation

After a month.

Within a month, you’ll see a higher number of leads.

Bespoke content creation

After three to six months.

Within three to six months, your PPC will become more profitable as we implement continued changes from feedback.

Our Google Ad Management Process

Google AdWords Management is a long game. There are, unfortunately, no quick fixes. Here’s what our process involves.

The first stage is testing. Here we do keyword research, optimise the text in the ad itself, and build a campaign. At each stage, we analyse the performance of the strategy and tweak it where appropriate.

Minor changes in your ad headlines can make a substantial difference to the number of people who click through. Similarly, making small changes to targeted keywords or negative keywords can dramatically boost the overall performance of your campaign.

After a month or so, you’ll want to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. A month is long enough to gather performance data and use it to compare different strategies.

At RiseSEO, we review individual keyword conversion rates, ad text conversion rates, and the performance of your landing pages. We then adjust your AdWords bidding settings to reflect the expected profitability of each keyword in your campaign.

Google ad management is all about testing a campaign, implementing a strategy, and then refining it further to target willing customers better.

At month three, we review all your keywords, text, bids and landing pages and make changes to improve them further. At every stage, we ensure that you get value for money, testing to confirm that the changes have the desired effect.

Google AdWords
What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that allows businesses who want to advertise on Google customise their campaigns. The platform, however, can be difficult to master, which is why many companies choose to use Google AdWords management services.

Launching a campaign on Google AdWords is relatively straightforward. You tell the app your advertising text (the text that will appear to search users as a blue hyperlink) as well as the ad copy. The ad copy is the text that appears below the blue hyperlinked headline, giving users more context about the ad.

Ads appear in search results when users type in your targeted keywords. So, if a user types in “Mechanic in Brisbane” and you happen to operate such a business, your ad may appear. When a user clicks your ad, you pay Google a fee, and the user gets forwarded to your landing page.

Adwords is a sophisticated tool which allows you to adjust practically every aspect of your PPC advertisements. You can control the keywords you target, how much you’re willing to bid to display ads, and what your ad says. The tool provides in-built analytics that you can then use to evaluate the performance of your campaigns and boost your ROI.

Do you want help with Google AdWords management? Choose RiseSEO today for Google ad management and boost your ROI.

How Our Google AdWords Management Is Different

At RiseSEO, we offer superior Google ad management for your business. Here’s why.

SEO agencies often create cookie-cutter Google ad management services, which they apply generically to all clients. Enterprises sign up to their services and are put on a production line with little to no personalisation.

That’s not how we work at RiseSEO. Instead, we build a partnership with you, understanding your marketing strategy at a deep level and building PPC campaigns around it. Google ad management success will only follow profound insight into your company mission and brand identity.

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PPC can be costly. You need to make sure that your advertising generates a return on your investment. Knowing if you are, however, can be a challenge.

Google ad management from RiseSEO ensures that any dollars you do spend on AdWords generate a positive return. With us, you’ll substantially boost the profitability of your online advertising efforts.

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Google AdWords management is multi-dimensional: there are all kinds of variables you can tweak and change. At RiseSEO, we work with all the tools available on the platform to ensure the best possible results.

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