Google Ads can be a great tool for any business – regardless of your size or budget. In this article, we’ll focus on how to write effective Google ads, what you should and should not be featuring in your Google ad, and what to do if it gets too complicated.

Google Dominates Searches

The main reason why Google is so effective for advertising, is because it dominates the market. Research suggests that 70 percent of online internet searches begin with Google search engines. So while other search engines may fill in the gaps Google doesn’t, it’s likely that you will at some point end up on a Google-generated advertisement or webpage.

How to write effective Google copy

Knowing how to effectively write advertising copy, and knowing how to write effective Google ads can sometimes be two very different things. Due to the ever-changing algorithms Google has implemented as part of its search engine, the landscape of what Google ads look like, and how to write effective Google ads copy that will continue to generate leads is very different to something more stagnant – like a newspaper or magazine ad, for example.

Here are some steps you need to follow when mastering how to write effective Google ads:

  1. Use Clear Objectives

As with writing any ad copy, when you’re learning how to write effective Google ads, you need to have a clear objective. Know what you’re trying to do by writing the Google ad. Focus on that main objective, narrow down on it the same way you would with a print ad.

  1. Don’t Try to Do Too Much

If your focus of writing the copy for your Google ad is on selling the new smaller Toyota, for instance, don’t then start writing about last year’s models and your end of financial year sale. Use a different ad for that.

  1. Use Keywords and Structure

Just as selling is about saying the right things and doing the right things at the write moment, so too is knowing how to write effective Google ads.

Use keywords that will hook your target audience, highlight what makes you stand out.

Tying this into your search engine optimisation research (if you can), while sticking to a planned structure is also a great idea as Google will hopefully look upon you favourably.

  1. Include Necessary Information

When writing effective copy, sometimes you forget to include what people need to know as you get creative. Don’t forget to include the price, any available discounts or discount codes, and contact information or social media links.

  1. Test

Google can be a bit of a beast sometimes when it comes to how to write effective Google ads. If your ad doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped, try again. Target a different market with new copy or run consecutive ads to measure success.

  1. Proofread

Too many people rely on spellcheck these days. To get the most out of your Google ad copy, have someone proofread it for spelling errors or grammar issues. You could inadvertently lose sales if you don’t.

  1. Inspire Action

All good ad copy should have a call to action. Encourage your audience to connect with you, to look through your online shop and engage.

What to do when it gets too hard

As previously mentioned, knowing how to write effective Google ads can be a finicky business, particularly as the algorithm changes relatively frequently. There’s no shame in asking for help from the experts. As Google partners, we’re on top of all of Google’s most recent updates and changes and can adapt your ad copy to suit.

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