Does your business need local SEO? In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know about the industries that most benefit from local SEO.

So you’ve heard of local SEO and are thinking it might be a viable option for your business. But what industries and businesses get the most benefit from local SEO.

A Refresher on Local SEO

If you missed our article discussing local SEO, how it works and the pros and cons of implementing it in your business, here’s a quick recap. Local SEO is, by definition, a technique used in search engine optimisation that uses a geographical locator to target members of your demographic who live or work in the particular area you do.

So for instance, hairdressers in Petrie or Strathpine might use the phrase “hairdressers Petrie” or “haircuts Strathpine” to target new customers in the area and attract them to their business.

It’s not a fast acting approach to marketing and takes time to implement but has a greater chance for success in the local market than if you weren’t to include these local specifications. It’s also great for sharing local knowledge and establishing yourself as an active member of the local community.

Industries That Benefit from Local SEO

Local SEO is not a one size fits all solution for business, and there are some industries where it has been proven to be more effective than others. In this section, we’ll discuss what those are and touch on why they might have found success with local SEO strategies.

Real Estate & Home Building

The real estate and home building industries are very location-driven, with lots of people searching for a new place to live or build their new home by including the location.

It makes sense for them to employ local SEO techniques such as building a reliable Google profile and using key phrases such as “real estate near me” or “home builders Brisbane” to increase their chances of generating viable web traffic to their business.

Having these strategies in place might also help them gain credibility and increase brand awareness on external sites like and other comparative services, which in turn will also help direct local customers to their door.

Medical Centres, Dentists & Hospitals

When you need a doctor or have a medical emergency, it’s counterproductive to go to a hospital or medical centre that isn’t near you if there’s no need to do so. When you need these services, you either need them immediately or would prefer to stay local.

That’s why hospitals, dentists and medical centres benefit from local SEO, as it lets you as the user know which services are closest at hand and how to go about contacting them.

This is particularly useful when time is of the essence and you need those services quickly, like if someone’s cut their hand open and needs stitches, or you’re planning how long it will take you to get to the local hospital when your wife goes into labour.

Hospitality & Attractions

Have you ever moved to a new city, or gone on holiday to a new place and wondered what you and your family can see or do while there?

You search Google and use phrases like “things to do Sunshine Coast” or “restaurants near Gold Coast”, and all these bars, restaurants and attractions in close proximity to your accommodation pop up.

That’s local SEO in play, and is key to the success of hospitality and entertainment precincts. It allows users to perform one quick search and get all the answers they need close to hand.

But, if you’re not on those localised searches, you won’t be seen and may miss out on a large chunk of your customer base, which could impact on your profit margins considerably.

Home Improvements & Renovation Gurus

If you’re looking for a reliable renovation professional or someone specialising in home improvements, you generally want to go with someone who is well known in the area and has a reputation you can trust.

That’s where this type of SEO can really benefit those who call these industries home. Local SEO can really hone in on searches in and around the local area you’re looking to attract customers and, when employed correctly and with the help of experts like those on our team at Rise SEO, direct more traffic your way.

Plumbers & Electricians

When the power fails or you have a leaking tap, you generally need a qualified tradesman who knows what they’re doing … and you often need them fast.

Residents often look locally when searching for experienced plumbers and electricians as they can get the quick, reliable service they need when they need it. And once they’ve found your contact details through the benefits of local SEO, they’re more likely to keep your number or email close by and contact them when they next require your services.

This provides a returning customer and makes investment in local SEO worthwhile, particularly if you’re a newer business just getting established in the market.

When to Call the Rise SEO Experts

At Rise SEO, we’re experts in search engine optimisation and know how to employ the best local SEO techniques to ensure you get the most out of your investment. With over 20 years combined experience in the digital marketing world, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a leading specialist in this field and always approach our work with one thing in mind: how we can best help you and your business thrive.

If you’re ready to unlock the secrets of local SEO with professionals who know all the tricks of the trade, call our team today.

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